Tourist information center - Ghent

Design & Build - City of Ghent - Ghent

In collaboration with Studio Arne Quinze architects, Sien designed and built a new tourist information office in the Oude Vismijn (the Old Fish Market) in Ghent. The centre of the building is occupied by the data table, where visitors can call up digital tourist information about Ghent and its surroundings. Touchfoil beneath the Corian tabletop and projectors built into the ceiling make this not only a stylistically beautiful installation, but also vandal-proof. The purpose of the installation is to save the office staff having to give out routine information, thus freeing them up to offer top quality, tailor-made tourist information. A first for Belgium.
Minister of Tourisme Bourgeois, on opening the information centre in Ghent, declared it to be not only the most beautiful, but also the best information centre in Flanders!