Cinema ZOOlogie

Design & Build – Antwerp ZOO – Antwerp

In 2018 the Antwerp Zoo had 175 years and that deserved a real festive year with numerous activities for a diverse audience. Based on recent historical research by Leen Engelen and Roel Vandewinkel (LUCA School of Arts, KULeuven), Sien made an exhibition about this little known piece of glamorous history of the Antwerp Zoo. From 1915 to 1936, Ciné Zoologie was a fixture in the Antwerp nightlife, housed in the banquet hall - the current Queen Elisabeth Hall. The extraordinary graphics of film posters and program booklets and the beautifully documented image of this period were more than sufficient for a small top expo for young and old in the former Zoo dairy farm. In addition to the expo there is also a book and a website, which will take you to Antwerp in the old days.